Solid Pashminas

Hey guys!

Hope your week has been good so far! It’s almost Fri-yay, as we like to call it here.

To keep you dreaming and hooked throughout the weekend, Peach Couture has some stunners for you today! And if you love what you see (which we are pretty sure you will), we have many more incredible colors in them!

Luxurious Eco-friendly Pashmina Shawl (Robin`s Egg)





Luxurious Eco-friendly Pashmina Shawl (Merlot)




luxurious-eco-friendly-pashmina-rayon-shawl-merlot-18Two things you need to know!

  1. Luxurious!!
  2. Eco-friendly!!

That’s all we need to say about our elegant and sophisticated solid pashmina shawls! Seriously, that’s all!

Grab your wallets and start shopping ladies, because these are some of our most popular pashmina wraps and they are selling fast! Who wouldn’t want at least 2 if they’re priced at only $9.95 each! Hurry up!

Have a wonderful day you guys!

Tropical Feathers in fall, anyone?

Hey folks,

Hope your week is going well! Don’t we all miss the sun the moment it starts getting cold? So how about getting the tropical feel while getting warm and snug? Because not everyone can afford a vacation now, right?

So here are Peach Couture‘s pretty and vibrant tropical feather pashminas!





Yes, we know! They are gorgeous! Yes, we know! You want one!
Go ahead! Grab them and check out the other gorgeous pashminas here!
Have a great day, you guys!

Peach Couture’s Fabulous Fall Paisleys!

Hey you guys!

Hope the week got off to a great start for y’all! Continuing with fall fashion, we at Peach Couture want to draw your attention to these –


jacquard-pashmina-brown-tan-2The resplendent and sophisticated Tan Jacquard Pashmina!



The deeply rich and elegant Brown/Coffee Jacquard Paisley

Go get them ladies! These are some of the best pashminas for women. Luxurious and soft, they will elevate any outfit with minimal effort! You will thank us later!

And you can check out more fall fashion and Jacquard shawl wraps here!

Have a great day, you guys!

Peach Couture’s Jacquard Shawls, handpicked for you!

Hey folks!

Happy Monday to y’all! Today from Peach Couture‘s collection we have handpicked for you these two Jacquard beauties! Take a look!

Elegant Blue Baby/Green Vintage Jacquard Paisley Shawl Wrap
Elegant Orange/Yellow Vintage Jacquard Pashmina Shawl Wrap


The subtly elegant baby blue, and the stunningly vibrant orange/yellow are just 2 of the many pashminas that Peach Couture has in store for you! Get in on these ladies, trust us! You do not want to miss out on these!

Stay tuned for more! Have a great day!

Hawaiian Pansy Scarves anyone?

Hey folks!

Hope you guys are having a good week! We won’t be saying much today. Because we really don’t need to! Peach Couture‘s gorgeous Hawaiian pansy scarves speak for themselves!






These rainbow-colored tropical themed pashminas come with a 2″ fringe trim on both ends! Our timeless border paisley pashmina scarf wraps are the best way to spice up an ensemble while staying nice and warm! And we can bet you won’t get them at these prices anywhere else! Grab them at $14.95 before stock runs out, you guys! 

Have a great day!

Peach Couture’s Resplendent Paisleys!

Hey folks!

How are you all doing? From Peach Couture‘s collection, we are featuring our paisley pashmina scarves today.

large-vintage-vine-paisley-printed-solid-pashmina-shawl-scarf-blue-plum-3The above pashmina in stunning plum

sophisticated-reversible-paisley-floral-shawl-fuchsia-1This one in resplendent fuchsia!

These gorgeous pashmina wraps come in a variety of colors and designs. You can find them all on this page! Not only are they a perfect accessory to add warmth, they can also be used with your bridesmaids outfits as wedding pashminas! You can even use them as party favors for your guests! These soft and plush pashmina shawls can be worn with your favorite evening dress, or paired with a sweater for a casual and cosy weekend look.

So what are you waiting for ladies? At $9.95, you can get more than one of these stunning pashminas in your favorite fall colors!

Men’s Designer Scarves by Peach Couture!

Hey folks!

Hope your week got off to a fabulous start! Peach Couture‘s pick today is specially for men! We  don’t want them to feel left out! There’s a lot of colors that men can wear to brighten up their suits, and break up the monotony of the grey and black. Just take a look at these men’s winter scarves below…





How exquisite are these colors?! Luxuriously soft and light, these cashmere shawls are made from the finest quality of 100% pure “A-Grade” cashmere in 3 ply and are the perfect length to wrap around yourself and cozy up! And there’s plenty more where these came from! So get one for your favourite person, they deserve to be pampered!

Have a wonderful week, you guys!


Peach Couture’s Pretty Pasiley Pashmina!

Hey folks!

Are you guys all geared up for the week? Peach Couture is bringing its gorgeous fall collection to you all week long, so stay tuned for the pretty things!

Starting off the week is the stunning purple reversible high-grade 4 ply pashmina scarf!


Extremely soft and luxurious, this stunner is currently listed for $17.95! Get it before the sale ends! 

You can also check out the rest of our fall scarf and paisley pashmina collection. See what catches your fancy! Because we are sure something will!

Have a great Monday, guys!

Plaid comfort from Peach Couture!

Hey folks!

Peach Couture is highlighting the plaid scarf collection today! Check out all the beautiful, oversized and comfortable plaid blanket scarves we have in store! Here are some pictures for you…


warm-plaid-woven-oversized-fringe-scarf-blanket-shawl-wrap-poncho-burgundy-15              warm-plaid-woven-oversized-fringe-scarf-blanket-shawl-wrap-poncho-navy-brown-43


warm-plaid-woven-oversized-fringe-scarf-blanket-shawl-wrap-poncho-tan-red-41               warm-plaid-woven-oversized-fringe-scarf-blanket-shawl-wrap-poncho-navy-wine-9


The women’s cold weather fall and winter oversized knit wrap around shawl poncho is the trending fashion staple. The woven plaid design is a must have print this season.

The poncho plaid shawls fall beautifully around your upper body, keeping you warm all day long. They can be worn over your coat, sweater or suit during any cooler season! They are currently on sale for $14.95! You need at least one of these in your closet! Shop on ladies, before we run out of them!

Have a great weekend!!


Emerald Elegance from Peach Couture!

Hey you guys!

How’s the week going for y’all? The weekend is almost here, can you believe it?

Today, Peach Couture brings to you emerald elegance! Check out our Vintage Jacquard Paisley Shawl!jacquard-forest-green-and-black-pashmina-shawl-wrap-18

Our paisley shawls are the finest and best quality pashmina shawls available in the market today. Their drape and sheer vibrancy of colors have only added to their reputation as the highest quality fashion wraps available. Our pashminas are remarkably plush, soft to the touch and very comfortable. They are an essential accessory and very versatile, complementing any outfit!

But the best part about this emerald Jacquard? It is now available for a discounted price of $9.95! Hurry up and get one for yourself now! 

Have a great day!