Peach Couture’s Border Paisley Pashminas!

Hey y’all!

How have you guys been? Hope you  guys had a lovely weekend!

Peach Couture is highlighting the Border Paisley Pashminas today!

We have so many pretty pashmina shawls and wraps that we have neglected these beauties for a while! But it’s time to bring them to your attention! And all you need to do is take a look at them to love them!

So go ahead…

Beige Border Paisley Pashmina

Beige Paisley Border Pashmina


Blue Border Paisley Pashmina

Blue Border Pashmina


Light Pink Border Paisley Pashmina

Light Pink Border Pashmina

These solid paisley print inside with a wrapped floral border. This timeless scarf wrap is the best way to spice up an ensemble while staying stylish and trendy. And Christmas is coming soon, so these would make for the perfect elegant gift!

You can also check out more gorgeous pashmina scarves for women right here on our fall collection page! Happy shopping, you guys, and have a wonderful day!

Peach Couture’s Eco-friendly Pastels for your Wardrobe!

Hey folks!

We’re almost there! Hang on!

To give you something to drool over all weekend, Peach Couture is bringing to you our eco-friendly pashminas!


Warm and Soft 100% Wool Shawl (Baby Pink)





Warm and Soft 100% Wool Shawl (Baby Green)




Our elegant, high-quality 100% wool pashmina shawl wrap is a must-have item  for your cold-weather wardrobe! The pure wool pashminas are also considerably warmer than the silk pashminas. This is the best way to incorporate some luxury into your daily attire, and they work great as evening shawls to take any outfit from drab to fab!

Currently on sale for $29.95, grab these or our other gorgeous pashmina shawls before the sale ends! Grab your wallets and go!

Have a great day!

Cable Knits to carry you through Fall!

Hey folks!

How are y’all doing? The weather is making us very happy here at Peach Couture!

Today, we have our staff-picked cable-knit oversized shawls for you!


In off-white!


And then in these lovely fall colors as well –

Baby Blue















Imagine yourself snuggling in these incredibly soft and luxurious oversized cable-knit pashmina scarves on cold mornings and evenings! Sounds heavenly, right?! It is! So don’t wait too long if you want these Fall staples in your closet! Get shopping!

Don’t forget to check out our gorgeous and cosy winter scarves too while you are at it!

Have a great day you guys!

Chocolate Pashminas from Peach Couture!

Hey folks!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! Peach Couture has decided to dedicate today to Chocolate Brown – the color is rich and, we think, not appreciated enough!

Chocolate brown can add a deep shade to your outfit without seeming dull or taking away from/overpowering other colors, so we are going to highlight a couple of shawls and wraps in this color.

This 100% Cashmere shawl is the finest and softest you will ever find!



Exquisitely soft and light, our cashmere scarves are made from the finest quality of 100% pure “A-Grade” cashmere in 3 ply and has a luxuriously long length for easy looping. Beautifully finished with a 3 inch fringe, this cashmere scarf will keep you warm without adding bulk around your neckline.

The 2nd one we want to showcase is our gorgeous warm cashmere & silk scarf!

These are the warmest, and most elegant and luxurious scarves available made with 70% cashmere and 30% silk. Made in Nepal from only high quality certified cashmere, they comes with 3″ of hand-knotted fringes on both sides.

You can also check out the other beautiful brown pashmina scarves that we have! And order these two before we run out of them!

Have a fabulous day, you guys!

Intricate additions to your wardrobe!

Hey you guys!

Happy Monday to y’all! Monday calls for some vine paisleys with intricately woven designs, don’t you think? Well, we are glad you agree! Because Peach Couture has some stunners lined up for you today!

Royal Pashminas with Intricate Vine Paisley Design (Green and Red)
Royal Pashminas with Intricate Vine Paisley Design (Cranberry and Navy)
Royal Pashminas with Intricate Vine Paisley Design (Blue and Tan)
Royal Pashminas with Intricate Vine Paisley Design (Blue and Red)
Royal Pashminas with Intricate Vine Paisley Design (Blue and Plum)


You guys know that we have the absolute best pashminas, but have you checked out our exclusive paisley pashmina collection yet? If not, you definitely should!

You can get these gorgeously detailed vine pashminas for 9.95 if you hurry! So don’t postpone this ladies! Go get them!

And have a wonderful day!

Peach Couture’s Black Beauties!

Hey folks!

We’re back to Fri-yay! Hope your week was as good as ours!

Has the black obsession hit you? Where every (well, almost every) piece of clothing that you own is black? If it has, welcome to the club. If it hasn’t, wait for it! Because Peach Couture has some gorgeous black pashminas and scarves in store for you today!

Here we go!

New Trendy Black Lightweight & Sheer Classic Chevron Infinity Loop Scarf


Bohemian Fringe Knitted Crochet Fall Winter Infinity Loop Scarf (Black Square)


Elegant Vintage Jacquard Paisley Shawl Wrap (Black)



Peach Couture Lightweight Fabric Colorful Pretty Butterfly Print Fashion Scarf (Black)


peach-couture-lightweight-fabric-colorful-pretty-butterfly-print-fashion-scarf-black-11Click on them to add them to your cart!

And check out our other gorgeous pashmina shawls right here! Get ready for fall ladies! It’s here!

Have a fabulous weekend you guys!

Peach Couture’s Digital Print Scarves!

Hey folks!

Hope your week has been going well! Today’s style from Peach Couture is slightly different from what you have seen before. We have digital print scarves that will wow you!

Take a look at this sample!


That is some painting on a scarf! Does it even look like a scarf?!








We know you want it, so just click on the images and you can add it to your cart! Get going, hurry up!

And of course, you can always check out Peach Couture’s speciality pashminas right here!

Have a great day, you guys!

Peach Couture’s Embroidered Gold Pashmina!

Hey you guys!

Hope your week got off to a great start! We have a delightful surprise for you today! Take a look!

Peach Couture‘s absolutely elegant and understated Vintage Floral Hand Embroidered Gold Pashmina Shawl Scarf!



The age-old technique of hand embroidery takes on a contemporary flair in this luxurious scarf.  Made with the highest grade of fine and soft Viscose, our embroidered pashminas are the ultimate in luxury! And this beauty is only $14.95! So what are you waiting for?

You can find our beautiful pashminas in gold if you head here! You can also check out our lovely cashmere pashmina shawls, cashmere scarves, and cashmere throws!

Have a great day!

Handwoven Pashminas, with love, from Peach Couture!

Hey folks!

Happy Monday to y’all! It’s officially Fall and we are very happy, even on Mondays!

So today, Peach Couture is bringing to you some handmade love! That’s right, handmade! We have some absolutely stunning hand-woven pashminas with beautiful, intricate work that we bet you will love!

You guys want a sneak peek? Alright, here you go!



Here’s another stunner –




The gorgeous details and the rich colors make these pashminas perfect as evening wraps for the cool evenings that will be coming up, and they can also be used as a wedding shawls! We also have a similar one in Black (personal favorite, shh!), right here!

For $17.95 only, if you hurry up and order soon! So get on it ladies! And have a wonderful day!

For the love of Tie-dyes!

Hey folks!

The week is over and the weekend is here! And so is Fall! We love it! Peach Couture is going to give you a reason to shop to celebrate the official start of Fall!

So, quick question. Who loves tie-dyes? Pretty much everyone, right? Those who don’t will fall in love in a minute, we promise!

Because …




And …



Right? Sigh… So pretty!

Here’s how you can get on it – go here, add what you love to your cart, check out, wait for delivery, flaunt your new tie-dye pashminas from Peach Couture! Simple!

Rush now ladies, so you can be Fall-ready asap! Have a wonderful weekend!