More Eco-friendly Pashminas from Peach Couture!

Hey folks!

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Ready to tackle the week ahead? To get you through your Monday blues, Peach Couture has some pretty pashmina shawls lined up for you!

These are the Eco-friendly pashminas that we have featured before on the blog, and they are quite popular with the more environmentally conscious audience! So here are some gorgeous pashminas to drive away your blues!

Blue Pashmina Scarf





Maroon Pashmina Scarf






Check out more of our eco-friendly shawls and wraps! These could also double up as wedding shawls to complement your dress and add elegance to your outfit! It is warm and it looks stunning!

Hurry up and order it ladies! The weather is getting colder by the day!

Have a great day you guys!

Published by Peach Couture

Peach Couture is an endless supply of the very best vintage-inspired clothing. Offering quirky and special vintage, Peach Couture offers all women a means to express themselves. Whether a conservative vintage dress or an outgoing extravagant party outfit, shopping at will have something for you. Peach Couture has the latest indie and retro-style women’s clothing and you will always find something great for your closet.

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