Peach Couture’s Jacquard’s to liven up your wardrobe!

Hey folks!

How are you guys doing? We’re edging towards the weekend slowly but surely!

Peach Couture wants to take you back to some stunning Jacquard Pashmina Shawls today! Take a look at these ravishing beauties!

Elegant Vintage Jacquard Paisley Shawl Wrap (Teal/Gold)

                                      elegant-teal-gold-tone-jacquard-pashmina-shawl-23                    elegant-vintage-jacquard-paisley-shawl-wrap-teal-gold-11


Elegant Vintage Jacquard Paisley Shawl Wrap (Baby Blue/Gold)

                                   elegant-vintage-jacquard-paisley-shawl-wrap-baby-blue-gold-17                    elegant-vintage-jacquard-paisley-shawl-wrap-baby-blue-gold-3


The vibrancy of the colors, softness of the fabric, the drape and the feminine and elegant look of this pashmina shawl make it one of the essential must-have fall accessories! They can double up as evening shawls or wedding pashminas too, because of the intricate embroidery on them! Seriously, there is no way you could go wrong with a couple of these in your closet!

Add a touch of color to a simple LBD, and you are set for the evening! What are you waiting for ladies? Grab them while you can. They are currently only for $9.95! It’s a steal! Hurry! And have a great day!


Published by Peach Couture

Peach Couture is an endless supply of the very best vintage-inspired clothing. Offering quirky and special vintage, Peach Couture offers all women a means to express themselves. Whether a conservative vintage dress or an outgoing extravagant party outfit, shopping at will have something for you. Peach Couture has the latest indie and retro-style women’s clothing and you will always find something great for your closet.

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