Boho Reversible Paisleys from Peach Couture!

Hi you guys!

Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday! Today’s highlights from Peach Couture are our stunning Boho Reversible Paisley Pashmina Shawls and Wraps!

White Boho Reversible Paisley

                       Boho Reversible White 1                          Boho Reversible White 2


Red Boho Reversible Paisley

                          Boho Reversible Red 2                     Boho Reversible Red 1


Blue Boho Reversible Paisley

                             Boho Reversible Blue 1                        Boho Reversible Blue 2


Pink Boho Reversible Paisley

                               Boho Reversible Pink 2                         Boho Reversible Pink 1

Floral and paisley printed pashmina scarf wraps, featuring boho paisley print with a 2″ fringe trim on both ends, this timeless and gorgeous scarf wrap is the best way to add elegance to any outfit! These paisley pashminas are so remarkably plush, soft to the touch and very comfortable. Seriously the best online deal for pashminas! It’s just affordable luxury you guys! You are going to love these!

Go get shopping now! What are you waiting for? Have a great day!

Published by Peach Couture

Peach Couture is an endless supply of the very best vintage-inspired clothing. Offering quirky and special vintage, Peach Couture offers all women a means to express themselves. Whether a conservative vintage dress or an outgoing extravagant party outfit, shopping at will have something for you. Peach Couture has the latest indie and retro-style women’s clothing and you will always find something great for your closet.

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