Sarongs, maxis and cute beach totes! We are ready for summer at Peach Couture!

Summer is here, so it’s time to hit the beach. We have all been waiting for this weather and now that it’s finally almost here, get ready to bring out the maxis and swimwear and dive into the water or chill on the sand with the sun on your face!

With Peach Couture’s selection of maxis and beach totes, you can get your beach ready look all in one place!

Whether it is a maxi dresses you are looking for or beach totes or swimsuit cover-ups, we have you covered with all our pretty and exclusive designs! Check out the selection on our website and grab some of these stylish pieces for yourself!

Here’s where you can find these stylish items –

Starfish beach tote
Seahorse beach tote
Seashell beach tote
Small stripes anchor beach tote
Large stripes anchor beach tote
Striped racerback maxi sundress


We also have a gorgeous collection of sarong scarves in some absolutely stunning colors! Check out the Salmon-Grey Sarong/Scarf here and the Turquoise-Teal Sarong/Scarf here!

So hurry up and grab these gorgeous pieces for yourself before the stock and the summer run out! Go flaunt your beach style!

Summer is here so why wait !

accessorize your wardrobe for fun in the sun, here at Peach Couture we have Tons of Design Samples and prototypes which we give away below our cost including Flip Flops  SarongsBeach Totes etc

Send us an email and mention “Signup Samples” to get access to our Sample sales event. This is Invite only event dont hesitate to contact “hey you never know what you might find”…


Knit Pashminas from Peach Couture!

Hey folks,

Happy Tuesday to y’all! Peach Couture brings knit warmth for you today – our knit pashminas scarves which make great evening shawls and wraps.

These knit pashmina shawls are a must-have accessory for the winter months. You can wear them all day long as regular scarves or convert them into stylish evening wraps to drape over your favorite winter ensemble for greater protection against the winter winds.

Here they are!

Knit Pashmina Wrap in Grey-pink



Knit Pashmina Wrap in Oatmeal


Lovely, aren’t they? You guys know that we have the most gorgeous pashminas online, but these are super warm and soft and the perfect snuggling accessory on cold evenings in front of the fire or TV or while reading your favorite book! They would also make fantastic Christmas gifts for your special ones (just saying)!

So go ahead you guys, order them now to get them as soon as possible! Trust us, you do not want to miss out on these!

Have a wonderful day!

Peach Couture’s Cashmere Collection to warm you up!

Hey folks!

Hope your weekend was great! The cold is really creeping up on us! It’s beautiful! Time to get out all the sweaters, beanies, socks, gloves, etc! Sweater weather – we love it!

Peach Couture want you to keep warm in style this winter! So, today we bring to you our super warm and luxuriously soft cashmere collection!

Cashmere Dresses for Women

Why be boring just because you want to stay warm? Flaunt your style with our elegant and warm Cashmere dresses! A new level of luxury and a style statement that will get you noticed!


luxurious-warm-and-soft-100-cashmere-bodycon-sweater-dress-maroon-39           luxurious-warm-and-soft-100-cashmere-bodycon-sweater-dress-black-3            luxurious-warm-and-soft-100-cashmere-bodycon-sweater-dress-off-white-9


Cashmere Socks for Women


soft-warm-comfortable-women-s-ribbed-cashmere-socks-off-white-5                      soft-warm-comfortable-cashmere-over-ankle-women-s-socks-dark-grey-5soft-and-warm-comfortable-long-cashmere-argyle-women-s-socks-tan-9


Cashmere Socks for Men


soft-warm-comfortable-men-s-ribbed-cashmere-socks-dark-grey-3                                men-s-soft-and-warm-comfortable-long-argyle-cashmere-socks-navy-7


Get shopping ladies and gentlemen! Start your fall fashion collection today!

Solid Fall Scarves for your Stylish Wardrobe!

Hey folks!

It’s Fri-yay! Don’t we all wish that the weekend would have a couple of more days between Saturday and Sunday?! So we could wear all the pretty stuff we have and go out! Wait till you guys see what Peach Couture is going to show you today!

As you know, our pashmina shawls and wraps are very popular! And the solid ones even more so, because of the absolutely incredible range of colors that they come in!

We have handpicked a few gorgeous solids for you in a fall palette. Check them out …


















pashmina-orange-rayon-28 (1)













Olive Green




Forest Green




Absolutely gorgeous, right?

Well, nature wears such pretty colors in Fall, why shouldn’t we, right? Go crazy ladies, get a few of these stunning colors for yourself! We have even more colors in these solid pashmina scarves and you should check them out! Get ready to flaunt your Fall fashion! They are super soft, warm, luxurious, and elegant!

Also, Christmas is coming soon, and these would make a very thoughtful and lovely gift for friends and family!

Have a wonderful weekend you guys! Happy shopping!

Throwback to Peach Couture’s Tie Dyes!

Hey folks,

How you doing? Hope this has been a good week. It’s almost over!

Since this is throwback Thursday, Peach Couture is going to revisit the stunning tie-dye pashminas that we had shown you guys before. They are seriously gorgeous, you guys! Wait till you take a look…












Casual wraps in a modern bohemian style rendered in vibrant colors, these pashmina wraps will become your favorite piece of clothing in no time! They are soft and luxurious and the best way to add some color to your outfit and stay warm at the same time! The perfect fall style solution!

Go shop to your heart’s content ladies, and have a great day!

Peach Couture’s Pretty Peacock Pashminas!

Hey folks!

How are y’all doing? Hope the week is going well for you. Peach Couture is going to wow you today with some absolutely gorgeous peacock pashminas. Featuring a floral motif with peacocks, these pashmina shawls are available in a variety of colors! Take a look and decide for yourself –

Olive Floral Peacock Reversible Pashmina Wrap Shawl Scarf


Hot Pink Floral Peacock Reversible Pashmina Wrap Shawl Scarf



Brown Floral Peacock Reversible Pashmina Wrap Shawl Scarf



Blue Floral Peacock Reversible Pashmina Wrap Shawl Scarf


We can bet that these are the finest and best quality scarves and wraps available in the market today. Their drape and vibrancy are beautiful and they are remarkably plush, soft to touch and very comfortable. These fall shawls are available on the website for only $9.95 currently! So hurry up ladies, you do not want to miss out on these pretty things!

You guys have a wonderful day!

More Eco-friendly Pashminas from Peach Couture!

Hey folks!

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Ready to tackle the week ahead? To get you through your Monday blues, Peach Couture has some pretty pashmina shawls lined up for you!

These are the Eco-friendly pashminas that we have featured before on the blog, and they are quite popular with the more environmentally conscious audience! So here are some gorgeous pashminas to drive away your blues!

Blue Pashmina Scarf





Maroon Pashmina Scarf






Check out more of our eco-friendly shawls and wraps! These could also double up as wedding shawls to complement your dress and add elegance to your outfit! It is warm and it looks stunning!

Hurry up and order it ladies! The weather is getting colder by the day!

Have a great day you guys!

Peach Couture’s Cashmere and Silk Blend Scarves

Hey folks!

We felt like this week went by pretty fast, don’t you? Hope it was a good week for y’all!

Today, Peach Couture‘s designer staff has hand-picked the most stunning cashmere-silk blend scarves from our fall scarves and shawl collection for you guys. Honestly, they are absolutely exquisite! Take a look for yourself!

Chocolate Brown

cashmere silk blend chbrown

Royal Blue

cashmere silk blend dblue


cashmere silk blend pink


cashmere silk blend turquoise

A classic blend of 70% certified cashmere and 30% silk, these beauties are made in Nepal and have hand-knotted fringes on both sides. Cashmere and silk pashmina shawls and wraps are a luxurious must-have fall and winter accessory and can be worn for years to come!

These shawls, wraps, and scarves are simply styled for both casual and formal occasion, making them the perfect addition to a bridesmaids ensemble, adding beauty and elegance to your lifelong wedding memories!

wbdeal4               wbdeal5wbdeal3wbdeal2               wbdeal1

You can have them by next week if you hurry up and order now! You know you want them! Happy shopping!

Have a wonderful weekend you guys!

Peach Couture’s Jacquard’s to liven up your wardrobe!

Hey folks!

How are you guys doing? We’re edging towards the weekend slowly but surely!

Peach Couture wants to take you back to some stunning Jacquard Pashmina Shawls today! Take a look at these ravishing beauties!

Elegant Vintage Jacquard Paisley Shawl Wrap (Teal/Gold)

                                      elegant-teal-gold-tone-jacquard-pashmina-shawl-23                    elegant-vintage-jacquard-paisley-shawl-wrap-teal-gold-11


Elegant Vintage Jacquard Paisley Shawl Wrap (Baby Blue/Gold)

                                   elegant-vintage-jacquard-paisley-shawl-wrap-baby-blue-gold-17                    elegant-vintage-jacquard-paisley-shawl-wrap-baby-blue-gold-3


The vibrancy of the colors, softness of the fabric, the drape and the feminine and elegant look of this pashmina shawl make it one of the essential must-have fall accessories! They can double up as evening shawls or wedding pashminas too, because of the intricate embroidery on them! Seriously, there is no way you could go wrong with a couple of these in your closet!

Add a touch of color to a simple LBD, and you are set for the evening! What are you waiting for ladies? Grab them while you can. They are currently only for $9.95! It’s a steal! Hurry! And have a great day!


Boho Reversible Paisleys from Peach Couture!

Hi you guys!

Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday! Today’s highlights from Peach Couture are our stunning Boho Reversible Paisley Pashmina Shawls and Wraps!

White Boho Reversible Paisley

                       Boho Reversible White 1                          Boho Reversible White 2


Red Boho Reversible Paisley

                          Boho Reversible Red 2                     Boho Reversible Red 1


Blue Boho Reversible Paisley

                             Boho Reversible Blue 1                        Boho Reversible Blue 2


Pink Boho Reversible Paisley

                               Boho Reversible Pink 2                         Boho Reversible Pink 1

Floral and paisley printed pashmina scarf wraps, featuring boho paisley print with a 2″ fringe trim on both ends, this timeless and gorgeous scarf wrap is the best way to add elegance to any outfit! These paisley pashminas are so remarkably plush, soft to the touch and very comfortable. Seriously the best online deal for pashminas! It’s just affordable luxury you guys! You are going to love these!

Go get shopping now! What are you waiting for? Have a great day!